April 21, 2005 § 2 Comments

Ok, so today I stumbled upon the little jewl that you now see under the Heading "Geeks of the Geeks".  Every once in a while I sit down at a computer in the library at my school and just check out the other sites that my fellow students have been checking out recently and usually its pretty boreing… until today.

I consider myself pretty Geeky, you know… I play EverQuest, read mostly fantasy fiction for pleasure and am what I like to call computer savy.  So I wear this tag proudly and even had a little fun with it in high school (See YearbooK: Christensens Keep).  But there is just something that interests me about those people who take the word Geek and Nerd to another level and when I find them its amazing.  This time I hit the jackpot.  These guys on this site are seriously the creame of the crop.  I knew that Lord of the Rings was popular but come on…figureines, and its not even the figureines that get me its the catalog of the EPIC BATTLES HAHA!!!  Wow I was amazed that people actually do this.  They have got to spend hours making and painting each individual figure…because god forbid my High Sorcerer look anything like my opponets Arch Mage HA. 

Okay im done slamming these guys for now but I think im going to try and keep the "Geeks of the Geeks" links updated anytime I find another treasure like this one I found today so if anybody finds any leave them in the comments and i’ll post em. Peace.



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