Letters From the Earth – Twain

May 22, 2005 § 3 Comments

      "Now – observe – behold! A new creature – and the masterpiece – Man!"

      Men, women, childeren, they came swarming in flocks, in droves, in millions.

      "What shall you do with them, Divine One?"

      "Put into each individual, in differing shades and degrees, all the various Moral Qualities, in mass, that have been distributed, a single distinguishing characteristic at a time, amoung the non-speaking animal world – courage, cowardice, ferocity, gentleness, fairness, justice, cunning, treachery, magnanimity, cruelty, malice, malignity, lust, mercy, pity, purity, selfishness, sweetness, honor, love, hate, baseness, nobility, loyalty, falsity, veracity, untruthfulness – each human being shall have all of these in him, and they will constitute his nature.  In some, there will be high and fine characteristics which will submerge the evil ones, and those will be called good men; in others the evil characteristics will have dominion, and those will be called bad men.  Observe – behold – they vanish!"

      "Whither are they gone, Divine One?"

      "To the earth – they and all their fellow animals."

– By Mark Twain from "Letters From the Earth"

I’ve started to read this book and so far it is everything I expected it to be and more.  Twain’s insight into the nature of man is wonderful and revolutoinary for the time in which he wrote.  As for his description of human kind. . . I find it to be very true; each characteristic adding the the deffinition of man’s nature and the choice to be either good or evil.

WE are His masterpiece. . . what an awsome thought.



§ 3 Responses to Letters From the Earth – Twain

  • John says:

    thanks for the comment… it\’s good to know that someone sometimes pops it. Nice site btw 🙂

  • Vincent says:

    hahaha….oh, am I meant to laugh? Your entry was written so boring that I just finished reading the title and started typing the comment. I read the content later 😉

  • ghada says:

    okk i read ur comment abt that poison thing…wow thats pretty stupid! but then again if its their traditions im not ready to go against it…but um ok maybe one day someone takes an overdose and dies and they realise theyre pretty dumb and then they wont be so proud to publish something like that again.see ya

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