Everything is okay Yanni is Here

May 23, 2005 § 12 Comments


Ok, so whats really scary about this picture is that its not a picture…oh no… its a drawing.  Thats right somebody took the time to actually record Yanni’s likeness and it was only shere luck that I came to stumble on it….I guess i’ve just got all the luck

And if you dont know who Yanni is . . . well frankly consider yourself lucky cause that means that you havn’t had to spend whole afternoons with foot tapping Grandpas and lusting Grandmas (thats right lusting)

But just in case you feel left out, of course there is always the official Yanni website

Helping the spread joy through music to the world,


Lord Norton’s Comment:

Can you say fanatic, repeat after me… I don’t understand anything about the whole Yanni good or bad thing.  He has some music out there, good for him.
See Lord Norton’s Site here http://spaces.msn.com/members/lord-norton/

Steve’s Reply:

haha! I really do agree with you on that one and actually I think that Yanni is really talented but the thing is that there are people who worship the guy and absolutely LOVE Yanni…this I cant understand.  He is like the Britnay Spears of Classical music except his rack deffinatly needs some work AND I thought it was halarious to see someone had drawn a portrait of him. This picture especially makes him look like he is the new massiah or something I have deffinatly seen renditions of Jesus that were just like this picture….but now instead of Jesus….its Yanni . . .



§ 12 Responses to Everything is okay Yanni is Here

  • Vincent says:

    Big text.Small comment.

  • K says:

    hey glad 2 c ur back =) n e ways thnx again on helping me how 2 add clips 2 my space …u da man ..peace !

  • Randy says:

    I like Yanni\’s music! I play his tunes on the panio alot! I sing better than I play, trust me! LOL! What happened to you? I heard a word man? I am not gonna bite you! LOL!

  • [ALLI]™ says:

    awe thank you for stopping by at my msn space ❤

  • Anita says:

    Thanks for the reccomendations, I will try to find them and take a look =D…….A.O.D

  • Vincent says:

    Once again, thanks for your comment on my future subjects. I think I will do fine if I keep up my hard work!

  • Vincent says:

    " *God Speaking* ToD you\’ve lived a good life and your a good person so it looks like your in….oh wait….wait a second here…whats this? It looks like your blog shares were really really low…oh well it looks like its straight to hell for you…bye bye *ToD falls screaming into a pit of fire* haha dont be so hard on yourself TOD Steve~"I deicded to go to hell anyway. cya later, GOD!

  • Randy says:

    Steve, I linked your space in my space because I really enjoy coming to read your blogs man> I hope you don\’t mine, if so, leave me a comment somewhere in my space!! And are you still studying Lit.? I haven\’t heard from ya! later>

  • Randy says:

    I was checking out your music, and I can\’t get the sample to play in the MSN thangy, is that normal? Help?

  • Randy says:

    Steve-swv, You you upset with me because I have not posted any of my writing in my space yet?? I am really a verk kind and tendered hearted person, and I REALLY DO ENJOY come to your space and hangin out, I ALWAYS learn something new everytime, I also REALLY like Gender Evolotion sapce to, she\’s a reallyt talented girl. I love her photography skills! Are you still studying Literature? I have noticed in the books that you enjoy reading, are very simimlar to my interests, I love Mark Twian myself, OH Gosh, he a classic! Oh Stevie, I have gave this some deep thought, the book entiled The Da Vinaic Code", do you consider it to be Historical Literature? I do! What\’s your thoughts on the classfying this book? I call it as a "Historic Fiction" in the world of literature!!!! Please come to my space and please, if you will, comment or answer my few questions tha I have just lft here TODAY! I would GREATLY APPREICATE THAT< I REALLY WOULD STEVIE, i WILL LOOK FORWARD TO A COMMENT FROM YOU VERY SOON, ok? please DON"T LET ME DOWN, OK? I did link you in my space under my COOL BLOGGERS( My favorite sapces the I like to visit and check out! Oh, over look my grammer ans speeling, beacuse I have injuried my foot and tendons in the right side, I professional princlpe ballet dancer! And the pain medicine the doctors, sports doc\’s have me on, is making me feel slow in my thinking>>>will look for you comment (s) in my space soon Steve! later gator!

  • Lord says:

    Can you say fanatic, repeat after me…I don\’t understand anything about the whole Yanni good or bad thing. He has some music out there, good for him.

  • Kimberly says:

    Lusting grandmas . . . EEWWW *shudders* And yes, I do know who Yanni is . . . I think I\’ve actually seen that pic before . . . I just can\’t place it . . . weird . . .Anyways, I hope you are having an awesome day!~ Kimberly

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