Good Ole’ Days

June 8, 2005 § 5 Comments

This is so true.  While this is quite the exageration of "The Babe" (though not too far off) it just makes you think???  Is it really true that we need to take enhancers in order to upstage the generations before us?  To tell you the truth I used to like it better when players were so good that the only way the could ever do the things they could do, was if they had sold their soul to the Devil!  But now everybodies is just going straight over the Devil’s head and goin all natural GNC STYLE!!! Right!  Either way its gotten rediculous the amounts of things players are doin just to be on top of their game, and it makes me wonder?  Do they do it for the fans? the game? the fame? or just the money?

The bottom line is who knows? and who cares? as long as America is entertained and will gladly keep buying those 8 dollar beers….Everybodies Happy!!! . . .

Chemical Smile…or not.

Steve’s Choice –
*wieghs choices between hands*

"Sell my soul to the Devil? . . . or . . . Life long struggle with E.D."
Just be thankful i’ve made the line into heaven a little quicker =P



§ 5 Responses to Good Ole’ Days

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