RL (for you non-geeks that means Real Life)

August 19, 2005 § 3 Comments

You never really know how awsome a band is until you see them live in concert.  Seriously, it gives you such a bigger appreciation for the band and the music they play.  Last night I got to go to The Eagles California Tour in Angles Camp and it was amazing.  I’ve always liked The Eagles they’re such good musicians but seeing them live was a whole new way to experience them. 
This was kinda the last HORAW for my summer and unfortunatly there weren’t many other HORAWS during it anyways.  School will start soon and my life will be reduced to me sitting at home in my chair (which is awsome by the way) and stareing into the rather oversized pages of my textbooks thinking about how to change the world….oh and by the way im naked during this whole process =P
I’ve got some new albums with pictures from my summer. So enjoy while we all wait in anticipation for commentary to roll again…which school will deffinatly help with. Take Care All.
Saving the World one KB at a time,

§ 3 Responses to RL (for you non-geeks that means Real Life)

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