Another Wonderful Comparison

August 29, 2005 § 10 Comments

First day of school today and I’m very excited because I really enjoy school and if I could I would go to school as a career.  But one of the best things about school is that I never leave without having learned something and while there can be exceptions, like for instance the first couple of days in class when the teacher just goes over the syllabus and blah blah blah, this first day was surprisingly insightful.
So, I stop at a table to shove some of the most expensive books i’ve ever owned into my backpack and there is a group of three guys sitting together at the table next to mine.  One of the guys was talking about being saved.  He was asking the guy to his right what he thought being "saved" meant.  That guy went on to say that it meant that you had excepted Jesus into your heart and excepted Him as Lord and that all the things you do you do through Him doing your best to live a good Christian life.  He went on to talk about doing good things and the two of them kinda went back and forth about it.
*this is where the magic happens*
Eventually they turn to the third boy who hadn’t really said much of anything during this whole conversation but has been watching and listening intently as he decided to speak up and share his opinion on the whole matter. 
The following is a direct quote of the third boys explanation of being saved:
"It’s just like being a jedi, just because you are a jedi doesnt make you automatically good you have to make those decisions to be good"
Now… I’ve heard Christianity explained in a couple of different ways but Christianity compared to being a Jedi???? this was a deffinite first for me.  I was in complete and utter awe when I heard this guy say this…followed immediately of course by me laughing hysterically and getting the hell out of there before they realized what I was laughing at.
Let me give you all a visual of this one:

               Our Lord and Savior                                           A Jedi


I seriously never thought that it would ever come to this.  This particular Star Wars geek just went to far.  Dont get me wrong Star Wars is awesome but….*sigh*…. this comparison is just, wrong…but i deffinitly had a good laugh over the whole thing.

Just as a reminder for everyone THE JEDI ARE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!!……FiCtIoNaL cHaRaCtErS


Hoping to never quite cross over the line into the third kids world,



§ 10 Responses to Another Wonderful Comparison

  • Zmak says:

    That is absolutely the most wonderful thing I have heard in 2005. I don\’t have much more to say besides that.

  • Big Red says:

    HAHAHA that\’s awesome! well i guess you post in my blog i post in yours, I like it, I hope you don\’t mind me posting this little story in my blog? I have a few friends that would laugh there butts off to this!

  • ghada says:

    Hi my site is Sabaku Kyu free to visit. I just read this story and i think its one of the most funniest stories ive ever heard.I dont think i would have been able to stop laughing in his face though…i was wondering what was the expression on the faces of the other 2…hahah

  • Vincent says:

    Sabaku is stealing my viewers now. XDGood work making entries (entry), steve. XD!

  • Unknown says:

    hey man thx for stopping by cool space you have here …and im trying to share my music but no one is downloading

  • Troy says:

    I dont know what you are talking about "fictional characters" man. I am a jedi. I just got my light saber in the mail yesturday. I am still a bit sketchy with the force but I am getting better. Now if Christanity was likened unto star wars more often I would definitly start going to church.Troy

  • εїз..00..εїз says:


  • Unknown says:

    whats up sorry i told you all that shit but i was stopping by 2 say hey …

  • Lindsey says:

    i never noticed that i had comments on my thing, and i would always think, "sad, no on comments." But now you comment! I am so excited! Thanks!

  • imbigouslyme says:

    hey,thanks for givin me a do you email people from the still very new at this.give me a e-mail.caitlin

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