People are Sick

September 25, 2005 § 6 Comments

So, I guess that ever since they stopped calling it ‘All Hollows Eve’ and started calling it ‘Holloween’ that it stopped being a holiday that is full of screams and instead is full of giggles.  And for a while there it was about niether of those things…it was mostly about blond haired big breasted woman running up the stairs instead of out the front door (ahh the good ole’ days).  Anyways I know Holloween is still a month and a half away but like Wal-Mart (bastards) I like to start my holidays early =)>   Actually…heres what sparked my interest:
Of course my first thought was poor kid….yeah sure he looks happy but do you think that this kid would ever actually WANT to wear this?  It seems to me that more and more parents with children are acting like they are in a mid life crisis.  All the mommies feel like they are getting old so they revert back to the good ole days and start dressing their kids up like the dolls they used to play with!!! This is just not right…I thought gosh this is just as bad as those people that dress up their pets like its cute!….then I found this abomination….

*sigh* just when I thought they might draw the line at humiliating their children they have to drag the loyal beast into the mess….I might believe that the kid has the force in him but. . . the dog? where would he keep his light saber? Well he better find somewhere to keep it cause uh ohh here comes…

BABY VADER!!! Watch out cause as soon as he fishes the light saber out of his diaper…your ass is grass
Sometimes I wonder….where do these people find the time? Are they so bored??? Maybe if we’d spend more time on things like cureing cancer or ending world hunger….hell I would even settle for ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE.
And no ladies…dressing up your dumb ass husband too is not considered to be "productive"…

*BIG SIGH*…..I give up.
Still finding joy in making fun of idiots,

§ 6 Responses to People are Sick

  • Unknown says:

    LOL your blogs are funni!!! hehe i thinks ill come here to get me laffs!! hehehe tc xxxxxxxxx

  • mystie says:

    Your space is so funny..I loved the movie Dazed and Confused!!! you should see the new pics i put up…they are hilariously funny…just my friends who are gonna kill me…

  • Vincent says:

    If you dont mind, I\’ll just place this link to my forum right here so that google would add my forum to its database… mean, you can join it too.

  • khgjkhg654651_35463549687 says:

    Hey " steve ", heh, idk if thats ur real name er w/e… u left a comment so i just thought i\’d be curtious.. so yeah, InuYasha does kick ass… but hell, all adult swim shows do. Wolf\’s Rain, Samurai Champloo, Paranoia Agent, yeah they all rock… ooo, Full Metal does too.. leave me another comment! (>^_^)>~Higherbeing~

  • Unknown says:

    well thnx glad you like my space, feel free to comment a smuch as you like and tlak about random shit i do alot. so tc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx have a good one

  • Brittany says:

    haha!! thats frieken so true steven!! i had a good laugh!! lol

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