Refferral…no not the kind from being bad at Recess

December 13, 2005 § 1 Comment

So, I was checking out my statistics for the page and I happened to glance at the list of reffering addresses, now usually this is no big deal cause most of the time there isn’t any address to see where it came from but this time I hit the jackpot.
I found it strange because one of the links in the refferring lists was huge, so, I decided to take a look:
I am officially the owner of a web page that comes up when you type "Britnay Spears Naked" in at and its not like im on page 87 of the search im 9th overall!!! THE INTERNET REALLY WORKS!!! 
Oh, dont pretend like that isn’t awesome
My lifes work is done…all I need now is to scrape together those two coppers for the boat man…
Avoiding the boat man,
Tid Bit: I also come up 70th on a google blog search for "Yanni"
            and 5th on a yahoo search for "Stop and Shop Sucks"

§ One Response to Refferral…no not the kind from being bad at Recess

  • Alli says:

    Hey Steve,It was so good to hear from you! I saw all the pictures you have on your space. They are so nice. You have so many friends and I saw Natalie in your pictures. I miss her and need to call her. and I havent seen Michelle since before she left for Texas I guess. Sorry you hate myspace. The only reason I joined was becasue my friend wanted me to and then from there I liked sharing pictures with people and keeping in touch. Oh yeah and I dont even know if im leaving this comment in the right place but I couldnt find anyway else to contact you so I just wrote you through this blog I guess. So what are you doing? where do you live and go to school? Im moving up toward Sonora area soon maybe and going to Columbia. Im going to go into the nursing program. I cant remember if you said you still go to Columbia or not when I talked to you last But if you do it would be fun to see you there. Well I dont want to make this too long but if you want you should email me back at alligirl33@hotmail.comI check it everyday. Again, it was so nice to hear from you and I will hopefully talk to you later.Alli

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