The Greatest City in the World…Saannn Dieegooo

February 24, 2006 § 2 Comments

So, usually im not one to put drinking pictures up all over the place…but…for Jr’s 21st, I’ll make exceptions.
We headed down to Costa Mesa which should take ehh…about 8 hours…naw it took 9 1/2 which re-confirms the fact that I hate LA not only does it smell bad but there is too many damn people.  We actually decided that for there to be as much traffic as there was, that it must be somebody job to create traffic, there absolutely must be a bunch of people who just drive around in order to create traffic.  Any way we made it there and had a wonderful warm up for the following night. 
We took off the next morning and went to Saannn Dieegooo (that translates to…whales vagina) and began to get things ready for the partay at Brianne’s beautiful home.  We picked up all the neccessaries and got ready for the guests.
The thing is that with Jr, Kevin and Myself no keg stands a chance.  On that day… Beer30… came early, and on Feb 18, 2006 at 5:30 the celebration began and we let the Coors Flooowwww.
(SEE PICTURES) more to come of those hopefully
Here is a description of the pictures
We started the night of filling our cups and having a nice toast to our friend Jr and the fact that he actually made it to his 21st birthday….
then people got there….and it was straight to the beer bong
more beer bong…
yep more…
uh huh…wow
then at this point JR begins to toast….with a katsup bottle (come to find out he was the one that was toasted)
So, It was good times and good friends and by the morning Briannes beautiful house looked more like a Frat house and smelled like one too…ahhh college…but a little clean up did the trick.  We started the next day off with a little Denneys and headed home.  The drive included zero traffic…a perfect ending…to a perfect weekend. =)
Not Drinking for a while,

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