Brigitte Nielsen Checks into REHAB!!!!!

July 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

NO WAY!!!! This must be a joke you mean this Lady….
Has checked into REHAB!!!….like totally *GASP*…pshhh
COME ON!!!  I mean…you saw it coming right? It couldn’t have been just me?!?! For christs sake look who she’s been hanging out with…
One is dead from too much juice and the other…well 95% of his vocabulary consists of "YEAH BOOYYIEEE" and "FLAVA FLAAAVVVEEEE" so while he is amung the living his brain has been dead for years now.
Check it out on MSN Brigitte THE TRUTH
Stopping now because I’m already picturing myself taking this too far,

§ One Response to Brigitte Nielsen Checks into REHAB!!!!!

  • Autowerks says:

    I Now Know why this Gorgeous Piece of Art went on a different road and not it\’s proper gallery.
    She Left her Husband and Son to pursue an acting carreer?She Married 4 times? And all these kids and
    no stability?I\’m so,so, out of words This Lady Was in My opinion been a Somewhat Glamour Photobug had
    no competition when she came to the scene.She Was like the Eiffel Tower,Elegant,Sexy,Looks that any women would
    die for.I\’m a latin male 46 and I never knew her Bio til now.Wow!, I hope she gets a second time around she can do it.
    Again, what statauette!, to just lay on earth with so many eyes hoping to view her canvas,and art.I hope she writes a book,or has she?

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