Amazing Spider-Man #566

July 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Have any of you checked this one out yet?…

Well don’t bother because this book I’m sure will be a disappointment to any true Spidey fan out there!  At the end of this one Spidey has a bout with Vermin you know Vermin that nasty little rat looking dude who lives in the sewers under the webs slinging skyways…anyway’s… that little punk actually hands Spiderman his ass on a silver platter?!?!  Can you fan boys believe this!  Vermin beating Spidey!  This is blasphemy!  I don’t care if Parker is in that crappy DD suit I doubt he had to detach his manhood in order to get into it! …lets check the stats

The left grid is obviously that punk Vermin and if you would please turn your attention to the grid on the right you can see my main man Spidey would obviously trump that guy especially after he just got a whopping from that female Kraven!!! *sigh* … the braintrust really screwed up this week…do your homework kids!

Refraining from taking this one back to the Comic Shop,


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