I’m a USER

July 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, for the first time since this bogus cell phone thing has happened my cell phone finally rang while I was driving and guess what?!?!…I answered it!  I know, totally edgy…as soon as I answered my phone I went from being a guy that was driving home on the daily commute, to instantly being transformed into a Cuban drug smuggler laying low on my way to deliver a big score to the drop point!  That’s right I’m living on the dangerous side…oops wait I’m Cuban…el peligroso lado!

I know what your all thinking…wow hasn’t it been like three weeks since that cell phone thing started?  This is your first phone call?  What a loser!…and in fact you would be correct nobody calls me, I am the typical man on the phone: say hello, get right to the point, say goodbye….but that’s not what your really thinking your thinking wow this guy is a real risk taker!  Answering your phone in the car!?! that is mind boggling, how does he handle the stress, isn’t that illegal…this guy must be a real bad ass…

What do I have to say about that?…pshh try being a Cuban drug smuggler

Crossing the border for the 9th time today (I’m big time),


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