Captain America Thread Question

July 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Yes, I have an account on what kind of comic geek do you think I am?  The kind that doesn’t use the internet?  Does that kind of geek even exist?  If so, would they even be considered a geek?  Maybe they would just be a dude who likes comics or a broad who like comics…I mean girl a girl who likes comics…okay…comic person!  Whatever, politically correct has never been my "thing"…on to the point –>
Who should the villian be in the new Captain America movie?
Ok everyone, who do you think should be the villian in the Captain America movie? They’ve pretty much announced that yes a movie is out there waiting to be made but that’s about it!

Who do you think would be the best antagonist for this flick eh?

Cap’s gone up against plenty of bad guys throughout his superpowered career that supposedly ended not long ago (until they find that ‘other’ iceberg) but who would be the best on screen?

My Vote: Red Skull

What do you think?

So, that was my post…I know, good question right?  Leave your opinion on the boards!…GO!
I was inspired by the Archrivals: The Red Skull vs Captain America post check it out Captain America fans…its good stuff.
Still in mourning for Steve Rogers (my name sake),

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