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August 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

One of my favorite on screen geeks when I was a kid…Urkel!  Yep that lovable, totally awkward, skinny little, high pitched voiced, suspender wearin geek we all watched on TGIF with our families and I don’t care how kool you are now…then you loved it!  So, I saw this on MSN.COM Where Are They Now? and knew I had to post it for all ya’lls viewing pleasure –>

Jaleel White

Then: Starred as the uber-dork Urkel on "Family Matters" (1989-1998), with hiked-up pants, enormous glasses and a voice that would shatter double-paned windows. At first Urkel was a neighborhood sidekick to the main family, the Winslows, but Urkel became such a … moresensation that later seasons focused more and more on Urkel and his cartoonish, buffoonish presence. "I am a serious little nerd. I use verbs!"

Now: White grew up to be — wait for it — a very handsome man, and has worked steadily in TV and film over the past decade and a half, with roles in shows like "Boston Legal" and films like "Dreamgirls." He’ll be seen later this year in a big-screen version of "Call of the Wild," with some other great where-are-they-now stars like Joyce DeWitt, Christopher Lloyd and Veronica Cartwright. Nerds really do rule.

Thinking about finding Family Matters on the DVR and starting a new series recording,


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