Tyra Obama with nothing better to do!

August 9, 2008 § 3 Comments

Ok, I saw these and HAD to post them for all my adoring fans.  I just can’t believe that someone seriously thought of this as a good idea and I really can’t believe that someone else actually agreed to doing it!

Tyra Banks has fallen to a new low…not only does she have a talk show in which her most interesting guests like to eat cigarette ash….but now she obviously thinks that doing a photo shoot in which she dresses up like Michelle Obama is a good idea!  Personally, from what I’ve seen Michelle Obama hates most people and America.  So, I’m hoping that Tyra is only dressing like her and not absorbing her alter ego as The Cold Shoulder Bitch.  For your viewing pleasure the new and fabulous (I just threw up in my mouth a little)…TYRA OBAMA –>

Hoping to soon see the shots of Samual L. Jackson as Barack,


§ 3 Responses to Tyra Obama with nothing better to do!

  • kïrstin says:

    hello. thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment 🙂
    i stopped by to see what you do here, and think my beau would like you. he\’s also very much a marvel guy, and grew up reading spiderman, and most of the others. he likes captain america too. i get them mixed up, who is marvel and who is dc, but he has some dc favorites too i think.
    when i saw the tyra photos here i first thought it was a mannequin. then i read what you wrote and was, um, whats the word …? how totally bizarre. what was she thinking? perhaps its meant to make fun of michelle obama. hard to say with tyra.
    congratulations as well!
    s. lizard☼

  • says:

    Michelle Obama hates most people and America?
    She is out of my horizon until reading your comments like that. How did you come to that conclusion though?

  • kïrstin says:

    oh … i thought the description was pretty close, but i do these things for fun and only post them if i like what i read. in other words, if i get painted as something i dont like, floosh — .
    s. lizard☼

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