Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1

September 1, 2008 § 1 Comment

I was really impressed with this book.  Like I’ve said before I’m more marvel than DC but I had to get this book because Superman-Prime is a pure evil badass.  He first caught my attention when he served as a soldier in Sinestro’s Corp in the War against the Green Lanterns.  He hates absolutely everyone except those who want to obliterate everything good in the universe…like he does.  If you are looking for a diabolical character to love pick this one up:

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1 is a great book.  My hat goes off to Geoff Johns.  This book has a great background story on Superman-Prime and is a key book in the Sinestro Corps War.  Superman-Prime is one of the strongest opponents of the Lanterns and an Immortal has to sacrifice himself in order to kill Superman-Prime…or did he?  For awesome Superman-Prime action ask your local comic shop for Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime #1, Green Lantern Corp #18 and Green Lantern #25 (Finale to Sinesto Corps War).

Anyway’s, back to Legion of three Worlds.  The story is great and so well developed.  Someone is pulling the strings of Superman-Prime and he is thrown through time into the future where Superman is no more but a legion of superhero’s and super-villains continue to thrive.  Well, at least the super-villains are thriving, the governing bodies of the universe are arguing whether or not the superheros are needed.  Prime takes out a Superman museum, an old man get shot and turns into a skrull (oops wrong universe), Prime breaks some heavy hitters out of jail and the real Superman is pulled into the future by the current Legion to help them battle Prime.  Ohh it’s gunna be good.  I can’t wait for the next issue.

My favorite part?  When prime tell hologram Jimmy Olsen "Shut your hole Olsen…If you were real I’d rip that stupid grin off your face, One tooth at a time!".  If Prime and I have one thing in common its a common hatred for that shit-eating grin on Jimmy’s face.  Punch away Prime…punch away.

Of the opinion that Jimmy O. should have been prescribed meds long ago,

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  • Vincent says:

    LOL, my blog wasn\’t active for long enough to get \’fans\’ as such.
    Yeah I\’m too busy nowadays. And when I\’m not I tend to try and get more sleep u know. And if it\’s the holidays, why not head out there into the sun and do something fun instead! =D So I really don\’t do blogging anymore, but we had some fun times! xD

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