Kick Ass #4

September 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Mark Miller is genius!  This new comic book series Kick Ass has continued to impress me since issue #1.  Its premise…a kid that lives in the real world and reads comic books!  Some people like comic books because certain characters and stories are relatable.  What’s more relatable than a kid, that is a part of the same world as we are, reads comic books and wants to be a super hero!  That is the description of anyone who has ever read a comic book…so, like I said…genius.  The first three issues were pure gold and if you missed them you can pick up the new collection that just came out this week Kick Ass Must Have.  This weeks issue four came out and we see the introduction of two new heroes: Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.  As you can tell by the cover art these two are a little more like The Punisher who has no qualms whatsoever about killing the evil and corrupt of society.  Personally I can’t wait for the development of these characters especially seeing as how Hit-Girl is ten years old…just a guess but I am definitely seeing therapy in her future.  After Hit-Girl saves the life of Kick Ass by murdering his attackers with double katanas our hero was a bit squeamish.  He wants to help but like many of his beloved comic book characters he believes there is a better way to go about it then senseless killing.  Actually, I think he’s more afraid of being caught for killing then the actual act of killing but time will tell.  The issue ends with Dave Lizewski again hanging up his costume to again return to the life of "An ordinary loser just reading about superheroes instead of having the balls to dress up and be one".  But, this is a comic book SERIES…so you heard it here first…BULL SHIT.  Can’t wait for ish 5.

Always loving a superhero with a chainsaw,


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