SNL…Funny Again?

October 7, 2008 § 1 Comment

When this voting season is over, the media cools off a bit and the newly appointed President takes his seat in office, which will either pull us deep down into the fiery pits of hope and change OR be exactly the way it was before, I believe that at least one good thing will be brought to America…SNL is finally funny again.  With this years candidates and all of the controversial issues, which are basically just the fact that we are going to have either a woman or a colored person in the white house, there are plenty stereotypes and idiocies that have flowed forth in abundance that the all seeing wise-men (the SNL writers) have seen fit to take advantage of this fragile time in American politics…well done sirs.

Lets watch:


§ One Response to SNL…Funny Again?

  • Greg says:

    Very cool site you have here! Thanks for the comment on my space. I\’ll keep blogging until the loonie lefties are beaten down with a stick. But I think you and know that would be like beating a dead horse with a stick!

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