Comparing Obama to Reagan…Give me a break!

November 6, 2008 § 3 Comments

So, MSN has decided to post an article called, "Why Obama is the new Reagan".  Suffice to say I was a little more than upset…what an asinine comparison.  Well then I decided to take a look at the comments, which basically put me into a fuming rage deserving of an impassioned reply.
Here is the comment that set me off:

"ronald reagan planted the seeds of greed that are being harvested today. Not only was he a terrible president, he was also a criminal due to his dealings in the iran-contra scandal. I’m glad he is "gone" and can’t wait until his wife is with him." – Privacy Invasion Nation
See? Your mad too…I can tell.  Here is my reply:
Way to prove your point by displaying your ignorance here on the internet for everyone to see Privacy Invasion Nation.  By your knee jerk reaction to speak against a great republican president I’m just going to assume your one of the many idiots who voted a socialist into the highest office in the world.  The people that started this discussion were simply pointing out the idiocy of comparing Reagan to Obama.  If only for the one reason that Reagan embraced the free market system, causing it to thrive, while Obama would like to extend the long arm of the government into everybody’s back pocket; to rob from hard working motivated Americans, the money they’ve earned, in order to supplement the lifestyle of deadbeats who do not contribute to society except to suckle at the teat of the government because they believe they have the right to be provided for.  It’s a moronic concept, born from ignorance, to think that the economy could improve by punishing those that have taken full advantage of what America stands for and created products, businesses, services etc. and worked hard doing so in order to improve their plight in this world.  What do you think is going to happen when "rich" business owners incur additional expenses being forced upon them by the government?  Your sadly mistaken if you think they will just pay and move on with business as usual, suffering a personal loss of income; the employees will suffer by losing their jobs.  The lower and middle class will suffer the consequences of this punishment for success; creating even more poor and helpless human beings that can’t care for themselves and are going to cry and insist on the righteous and caring embrace of the government to provide the means for the high quality of life that is their RIGHT as an American. 
Like I said…I was upset.  Enjoy,


§ 3 Responses to Comparing Obama to Reagan…Give me a break!

  • Greg says:

    You are a great American Steve. As young as you are, you have more common sense than most people I know! Great reply to the loonie comment on "PMSnbc". Conservatism is alive and well. We have to regroup and find people like you and I to take the battle to the masses. Our people are here. We just need to set them free just like Gov. Palin should have been sent free to fight like a true American. But idiot moderate people in McCains campaign are to blame along with McCain himself for not bearing the real teeth of the Republican party. Those same people are now blaming Palin for McCain\’s loss. They are cowards. They are bowing to the left. What a shame. Keep up your great blogs my friend. I will never ever stop fighting for common sense as well. We will see what happens with this "change". I only hope the best for America.

  • Michelle says:

    I am now boycotting MSN. Not only is that a completly irrational comparison to make because Obama has yet to prove himself anything more than a talented speechmaker with an overbearing wife, but The Great Communicator empowered people (businesses) to strengthen the American economy. If Obama does as he promised on the campaign trail, small businesses and the families that are essentially financially supported by them will fail because of the absurd stipulations that will be imposed upon them. I agree that Obama has given hope to the people. I have to ask though- was it worth sacrficing the American Dream?

  • Melissa says:


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