E-mail to the Comic Shop #6 / Save Circuit City from Bankruptcy!

November 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

I was wondering what’s the deal is with project superpowers?  There is a bunch of ads in all of the books for these off-shoots for individual character books and they haven’t even made the deadline?  Why put a date in your books advertising a release date and then not even make it for the very next week?  Bastards…
Have a good week and tell Jim to get his priorities straight… less time in the comic shop and more time in school is for losers!  How is he going get his mom to let him move back into the basement if he becomes a success!  Doesn’t he know chicks dig the pale sweaty guy that lives with his mom AND when your not paying rent you can focus your funds into more important endeavors…like your comic collection!  Get your head straight JIM!…peace
If you still have X-Men Ghost Box #1 throw that in there
I havn’t posted one of these in a while because…well…because they haven’t been relevant to anything; but this one I think is a little more relevant because my advice to Jim is serious stuff!  With the government already bailing out Clintons failures (Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae), AIG wanting more money in the range of $150 Billion to supplement their failure and the newest news of Circuit City filing for bankruptcy we have a major Geek problem on our hands!  Who gives a crap about the F.M.’s and AIG…CIRCUIT CITY GOING BANKRUPT!?!  We’re facing the possibility of thousands of geeks losing their jobs!  Geeks who were perfectly happy working at circuit city making enough money to pay for their collectable card game collection, their monthly MMORPG subscription fee, orange soda and living in Mom’s basement!  What the hell are these socially inept souls going to do for money now?  Get real jobs?  Yeah right.  If the government really wants to bail someone out they should bail out Circuit City!  If not to save the jobs of geeks everywhere…to save the sanity of the already depressed mothers!  HAVE MERCY.
If this is something you care deeply for and are passionate about make sure to e-mail this article as many times as you can to our new President Elect Barack Obama at: numberonesocialist@standagainstdemocracy.com
Not really sure I could be MORE cynical,
See the MSN article on Circuit Cities Plight and sign the Moms Saving Circuit City petition!

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