Black Panther cartoon on BET

November 18, 2008 § 2 Comments

Ok so we’re going to start with a piece of the artice I was reading on
Coming in 2009, Marvel brings its iconic heroes Wolverine and Iron Man to television in two brand-new animated series airing on Nicktoons. The two shows, "Wolverine and the X-Men" (a co-production with Toonz Entertainment Pte Ltd., Singapore and First Serve International Ltd.) and "Iron Man Armored Adventures" (a co-production with France based Method Films) will each feature 26 action-packed, half-hour episodes that follow the respective heroes through dynamic action, adventure and drama as they face foes both familiar and new to their fans.

Marvel Animation has also partnered with BET Networks to produce an animated series based on the legendary Marvel hero, the Black Panther. The all-new "Black Panther Animated Series" is slated to premiere on BET Networks in the summer of 2009.

And here is what I was to write as a response on the Discussion boards:
Thor cartoon produced by blah blah and blah
Wolverine and X-men supported by blah blah

and Black Panther partnered with BET


Who Cares!!! Seriously who the hell cares that the black panther is black? Certainly not the people watching BET. Maybe Jubilee should have her own show because she is Chinese and the Asian network can pick it up. Tell me why does BET all of a sudden give a crap about superheroes?!?! and cartoon ones at that? Are there not enough rap videos and episodes of Hangin’ with mister Cooper to fill the time slots. This is total bull**** because guess what, white people like black panther too…I know what your thinking…shouldn’t they automatically hate him because of his skin color? Guess what, it’s 2008 a black man is about to be president of the US and the only channel on television that descriminates based on the color of the people on the shows is BET!!!

Give me a break, this is so racist, lets face it…it’s just going to fail because no one is going to watch it and its going to end up on the Toon Network reruns just like every other burned out cartoon.

I say again…COME ON!!!  If I hate anything I hate this kind of crap.  Remember kids there is NO SUCH THING AS REVERSE RACISM…its just RACISM…plain and simple RACISM…GOSH!!!

Lets see if I can give you a little visual comparison…

THE Black Panther                              The Black Panthers

Could somebody please call BET and tell them there is a difference!

Really hoping they don’t kick me off the Marvel boards for that one,


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