Black hole confirmed in Milky Way !

December 10, 2008 § 3 Comments

So, here is some of the article:

There is a giant black hole at the centre of our galaxy, a study has confirmed.   German astronomers tracked the movement of 28 stars circling the centre of the Milky Way, using two telescopes in Chile.
The black hole is four million times more massive than our Sun, according to the paper in The Astrophysical Journal.
The researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany said the black hole was 27,000 light years, or 158 thousand, million, million miles from the Earth.

"Undoubtedly the most spectacular aspect of our 16-year study, is that it has delivered what is now considered to be the best empirical evidence that super-massive black holes do really exist," said Professor Reinhard Genzel, head of the research team.

Let me just be the first one to say (and probably not the last)…WHO CARES!!!

Are these people serious?  It took 16 years of for a team of people, who are probably considered damn near geniuses, to be able to make the revolutionary comment that black holes really do exist?!?!

Whopty Friggin DO!!!  Seriously let me just say Thank You to all of the scientists who made this historic day possible…finally I can proudly proclaim that Star Trek wasn’t a complete load of crap!  And as soon as phasers and warp drive are invented all those people who told me I was an idiot for learning Kligon will be eating their words so watch out for the levek zan before your a khex…

One good thing though, at least it was Germans wasting time and money on this farce.  I don’t even want to know how much America spends on crap like this.

Still wondering if 27,000 light years, or 158 thousand, million, million miles from the Earth is far enough away,

Check ou the article here Black hole confirmed in Milky Way


§ 3 Responses to Black hole confirmed in Milky Way !

  • Rachel says:

    The evidence of actual black holes impresses me, but thats probably because I have German blood. Now I can be prepared for when we all get to take daily trips to space; I will just tell my captain, steer clear of that big black spot where all the stars are falling in–black holes exist, ya know.

  • Steven says:

    My wife is German too so I understand the sentiment…actually…now that I think about it I\’ll probably get swatted for the quip…Scared to go home now,~Steve

  • Joe says:

    Wow. Yeah. I don\’t see how I could have lived out the rest of my life without this knowledge. Who knows, it may come up in one of those trivia contests they play in the pubs.

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