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January 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, my wife likes to send me random crap from  She especially thinks it’s funny to send me stuff with incredibly geeky requests on them.  The thing is that I’m pretty sure she sends them half joking and half mocking but what she doesn’t know is that if I had time I would be replying to these posts to delve even deeper into the realm of geekdom.  I enjoyed the following post particularly because…well because if I wasn’t half broken, I would buy armor and join these fellas

Live action mid-evil battle play ~FREE to join~ (Carmichael)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-01-10, 9:11AM PST

Thor’s Refuge (formerly Shire of Falcon’s Reach) of Amtgard

Meet with Amtgard players in the Sacramento Valley area!

Learn weapon making, fighting with foam, meet a barbarian or two, enjoy the company of others who have similar interests as you! If you found this site you must like the strange and bizzare, so it is a perfect match, we are the strange and bizzare, yet pass as normals when out with the straights/normals/muggles (choose your term). 🙂

The Shire of Falcon’s Reach Amtgard Meetup
Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 12:00PM

Hi Guys! What a great way to get together and have a great day! Ages 10 and over are welcome to come and battle. Dress up in Ren Fair garb and help your team win! Ladies you are welcome to battle too! If you wish to bring snacks to share you will be very well met by all who attend. We usually have hot drinks to share like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and others.

Tell them Teresa aka Tamara sent you!

Carmichael Park
5750 Grant Ave At Grant and Fair Oaks
Carmichael, CA 95835

See the full event details at

Check out what members are saying about Thor’s Refuge (formerly Shire of Falcon’s Reach) of Amtgard:

"It is a fun game, good people, and even some decent exercise. There are groups all over the U.S. and up and down California." – Sir Euric

"It seems to be a nice, friendly group that makes for a positive way to learn about history." – Arlene and Rebecca

"Its a good place to meet new nice people with the same interests." – Tosha

"If you are in to mid-evil combat, this is a LOW cost alternative to the SCA, or a good stepping stone, or a good way to keep SCA skills tuned up." – Marcus

"40 peeps, not bad fora rainy day!" – Azus


Looks like fun right?!?  My favorite part is that these geeks are organized!  Check out the website: Thor’s Refuge (formerly Shire of Falcon’s Reach) of Amtgard
Totally awesome!

Currently perfecting my warcry…just in case,


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