Spiderman Obama Follow Up

January 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

HAHAHA LOL and all those other abbreviations for laughing in typage…
So, even though I read the article I didn’t happen to check the marvel boards but boy O boy am I sure glad I did today!
Turns out I’m not the only comic fan boy that thinks this is ridiculous crap…some examples:
This is kinda lame and cheesy.
I’ll say it again – Rather than soliciting movies, Cap’s advice to President-Elect Obama’s new role would be: "Abortion is murder – as President of the U.S. don’t work to legalize it."  Superheroes realize that with the power to procreate comes great responsibility – whether babies creep them out or not.

This is the reason I’ve gone from someone who read a dozen or more marvel comics a month to someone reading 1 or 2 a month. I’m tired of the crazy loonie left propaganda that has been showing up more and more in marvel comics.

I think that is the most stupidest thing in the whole universe and spiderman is one of the most loved super hero in the world and some people don’t like B.O and i don’t think it is fair to those people.
Slowing regaining my confidence in society one blog at a time,
Check out the other comments on the Marvel Message Boards: Spidey/Obama

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