My 2 Sense: Local Issues

January 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was reading a local online paper and posted my opinion on the topic.  So, I thought I’d use it to start a new line of themed postings here on the Geek Shop; "My 2 Sense" (clever right?…right?)
Today’s Topic:
Lawsuit Settled: Carpool Lanes Will Come to Hwy 50

Judge Timothy Frawley approved the landmark agreement between state officials and environmentalists that will  allow carpool lanes to be created on Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova. The lawsuit settlement, arrived at last week clears a major point in state budget negotiations. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has insisted the Highway 50 project and nine others through out the state be fast-tracked as part of an economic stimulus package attached to a state budget agreement.

The Governor argues the projects will help create jobs and will beef up the local economies by providing more efficient roadways. Legislative Democrats disagreed on the Highway 50 project in particular, saying the state should not pre-empt an ongoing environmental lawsuit.

Transportation Department officials say they plan to start work late this summer on seven miles of carpool lanes between Sunrise Boulevard and Watt Avenue. “The earlier the better,” Caltrans head Will Kempton said. “It’s a shot in the arm to the local economy.” Caltrans planners say the freeway widening will smooth traffic on what has been a frustrating corridor, where congestion occurs in both directions, morning and evening.

My 2 Sense

Ok, the project will create a bit of economic stimulus great…but I think the whole "environmental" lawsuit is bogus.  I can’t believe that creating a carpool lane on Hwy50 through Rancho specifically is going to encourage commuters to go out of their way to drive together to benefit from 7 miles of diamond lane.  Personally I think a greater traffic and environmental impact would be created by improving on and off ramp modifications throughout the Rancho Cordova area.


Good stuff right?  I know everyone agrees with me so feel free to comment and tell me so.  Read the rest of this article at the Rancho Cordova Post Lawsuit Settled: Carpool Lanes Will Come to Hwy 50.  


Still hoping that someone will reveal the definition of ‘budget’ to the government,


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