National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation

January 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

(Eh Hem)…following said in pleasing baritone news anchor voice:
Moments ago, in his first official act since taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation, calling on Americans to serve one another and our common purpose on this National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.
Yeah that’s it Barack!  The way to stimulate the American economy is to declare yet another day for people to take work off . . .
The following is a dramatization:
President of America in the two thousandth one hundred and seventy third year of our Lord (or no Lord or Allah or alien supreme being or Santa whatever becomes acceptable by then):
Prez:  "Yeah so I need to declare a holiday that way people love me and I’ll always be remembered…how about March 25th"
Assistant:  "Sorry Sir/Mam that is national love a clown day"
Prez:  "Okay how about October 9th"
Assistant:  "Umm that wont work either it’s National watch the Jeffersons Day"
Prez:  "Damn! How many holidays are there?"
Assistant:  "Actually Sir/Mam only October 31st and December 25th are available"
Prez:  "What?  Isn’t that Halloween and Christmas"
Assistant:  "Well they used to be sir but they were both deemed as "Politically Incorrect" and abolished in 2134"
Prez:  *SIGH……..*
Optimistic for the FUTURE,

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