What’s bad for comics is bad for geeks!: Diamond Increases PO Minimum

January 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Comic News:
"News broke Monday that industry giant Diamond Comic Distributors has raised its minimum purchase order requirements from $1,500 to $2,500, making it very likely that indie comics and small press publishers will be hard-pressed to get certain items listed in “Previews,” the Diamond catalogue with which all Direct Market retailers buy comic books." @CBR.COM
This is sooooo bad (that’s right 5 O’s worth of bad).  I particularly can identify with this because I work for a small business and problems like this limit the buying power a business has and therefore limits the ability of a business to cater to it’s customers!
In this case while Diamond might be thinking they will be forcing publishers to spend more money, by raising the minimum P.O. to $2,500, they are actually narrowing their clientel base by making their services only obtainable for companies with higher available cash.  You might think well it’s only a thousand dollar no big deal right?  The problem is that the market for this product/art (comics) is so specific and as such requires certain elements to succeed and prosper; because of this there is a certain amount of risk involved in moving these books to production.
This increase represents that risk.  To a publisher this isn’t a case of ‘well we’ll just have to sell more books’ it’s "Shit my investment has been increased by 66.7%".  Remember those ‘certain elements’ I mentioned earlier…well these are all the factors involved when the publisher evaluates whether or not a project is worth the possible return on the risk.  And Blah Blah Blah more boreing business stuff but the point here is that people are freaking out about this change for good reason because this is going to send a ripple through the comic book creating community down to the lowliest inkers assistants assistant.
The publisher is only going to find a certain margin of risk acceptable, so, the creation team is going to have to cut costs to lower the risk which is going to leave less room for newbies or upincomers which then effects the talent pool for new ideas and designs and so on and so forth… (long sentence, I know, deal with it)
Anyways thats my rant (and it’s not even complete don’t get me started on how this is going to drive up the retail price of comics arrggg!).  WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET A PETITION GOING OR SOMETHING SO I CAN SIGN MY NAME AND FEEL BETTER!!!  HURRY UP!!!
Couple of good articles on CBR:
Calming myself down from the scare of less books for the same price (DONT MESS WITH THE COMIC BUDGET),

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