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January 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

While this next post might not seem geeky at first…I assure you it is.  You can tell by the way he uses the word ‘duel’ instead of fight or spar or any other word really.  I wasn’t quite sure what type of ‘duel’ this guy was looking for at first…are we talking bow staff? or Yugioh?  It doesn’t really matter but what does matter is that you can feel the geek passion for olden days and a better time where a man isn’t judged by the spit spraying from his braces but by his heart!  And through the dimmly lit dank dungeon (mothers basement), you’ll find a haven, hidden away from society and if you squint just enough, you’ll see the outline of a . . . WARRIOR!

Just a man looking for that special someone to DUEL – 25 (Folsom)

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Date: 2009-01-20, 7:32PM PST

I’m sick and tired of all these weaklings. Is this all Sacramento has to offer me? I’m looking for a real challenge a real fight – a real duel. If you think you got what it takes lets make this happen. I don’t want to take any more lives unless its worth it. Send me a picture and short description of your skills and specializations. Tell me what makes you think YOU can defeat me. Don’t email me if you aren’t ready to lay your life on the line–this is the real deal baby. I play for keeps. First time duelers need not reply. By the way this is NOT a joke. It wouldn’t even be that funny if it was. Lets do this!

PS please don’t e-mail me begging me to train you in knives and black magic. I barely have time to train myself without having an apprentice sucking on my nips 24/7.


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