Obama KungFu Action Toy!!!

January 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

Umm…I’ll tell you the truth, when I first stumbled upon this I thought to myself…this is getting a bit out of hand people love President Obama I get it but good Lord!  I mean what is the possible need for something like this:

So, like I said I’m just kind of put off guard that someone would really go through all the effort to manufacture and market this but then I scroll down and I start to be intrigued.

Wide stance with the flag…pretty sweet…the possibilities are starting to reveal themselves and then BAM!!!

Samurai sword swinging ninja Obama!!!  You’ve got to be kidding me, now I’m hooked!!!  What will Obama do NEXT!!!

That’s RIGHT!!!  When Obama isn’t giving speeches or saving babies he’s a gun wielding BAD ASS MO FO!  But he does it all in style . . .

And as if his suave look wasn’t enough this action figure comes with all the necessary accessories.  For example:  when Michelle is away and Barbie comes out to PLAY!

He just slips that wedding band right off and he is ready to PARTY!!!

And of course, my own personal favorite, while Obama plays hard he also works hard protecting our United States and more importantly the UNIVERSE!

May the Force be with Obama-wan…may the Force be with you,

See more pictures here @ Wickedglee.com


§ 2 Responses to Obama KungFu Action Toy!!!

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