FEEDS!!! Need more Feeds. . .

February 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, as you might have noticed by my recent frequent posting habits I’m online a bit more these days.  Why?  I couldn’t really tell you really, except that working as a system administrator more and more I couldn’t stand to use my leisure time in front of a computer.  Now that I haven’t done that for a while I’m getting back into the internet and discovering, absorbing and learning about everything I’ve missed in the last two years and have finally began to rebuild my power aura and enhance my geek chi.  (Bare with me here because new to me hasn’t been new for a while)  My new favoritist thing is my Feed Reader.  I’m using Google Reader right now and I haven’t tried any of the other software but so far I digg the user interface so I’ll stick with it.  Anyways…it’s so kool.  Instead of typing in the websites I like to stay on top of I just check my feed reader and BAM THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE IS IN MY HANDS.  And once I’m done striking down evil do’ers with that power I scan through my favorites with time left over to spend with my wife!  Isn’t that a crazy concept?!? 
Anyways I added a new site to my feeds today and thought I would share all my feeds….so, here it goes:
biorequiem:Zoetica Ebb

Comic Book Resources
Comic By Comic
Comics N Things
Green Lantern Spotlight
Marvel Comic News
Newsarama.com – Comics
Warren Ellis
As you can see, lots of comic stuff but I’ve had this thing going for like two weeks maybe three so I’m still a beginner.  I’m looking for a good News source but most news is crap so hopefully I’ll find something that supports my special intellectual needs.  Anyways the reason for this whole mess is today’s newest feed to make my subscriber list…
Penny Arcade!
So, far it’s been a ton of laughs.  It’s a web comic and the comics are based around some inside techy/gamer humor.
Really good stuff, check it out.
Wishing that I had the talent to create comics or…anything really,

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