Shaq’s Fist Kiss ESPN Commercial deemed “Homophobic”!

February 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

Can you believe that this ESPN commercial has been cut and ESPN has now issued an official apology for not being sensitive to the gay community!?!  This is such crap!
Look…first of all this commercial was on ESPN!  ESPN for God’s sake!  The gays have their own channel called LOGO and if they want to ensure their commercials are sensitive to their viewing community then great power to them BUT if there was a straight channel on TV it would be called ESPN!!! 
You know damn well it wasn’t a gay person who saw this commercial and screamed DISCRIMINATION it was a gay persons gay sensitive straight friend who called and told them about it!!!  Who by the way was laughing before they stopped and thought "this could be offensive".
You know what’s offensive?  The fact that there is a gay channel!  It’s such hypocritical BS!  IF there was a straight channel or anyone even tried to create such a thing it would be seen as terrible, insensitive, discriminating, politically incorrect gay hating channel…God forbid anyone not agree with someone else’s life style.  AND if I said that I thought the gay channel was offensive and discriminating to me I would be the one to be called a bigot A hole.
Anyways you can all thank GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for the dissapearance of the commercial, which I have posted for your viewing pleasure:
Also, my main man SHAQ is known for his history of gay rights advocacy and this is how they repay him…
Taking down my rainbow flag when I get home tonight,

§ 2 Responses to Shaq’s Fist Kiss ESPN Commercial deemed “Homophobic”!

  • Jr says:

    HAhahahahahah, Thats really funny!But I agree totally with you, Some overly sensitive male struggling with his true sexuality reported this. He is probably a man clinging to the masculine Cliche\’s of our society in order to combat his overly active urges towards man love. Im going to start my own alliance, The shut the #%$@ Up Alliances standing firm against all overly sensitive minority groups that speak out againt our freedom to be funny…. who will join Me!!!!

  • Steven says:

    I\’m with you!

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