My Hiatus and Feed Highlights!

February 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

I haven’t written anything for 5 days?!?  Wow I’m really slipping.  Here’s my excuse…
1)  The Shaq thing depressed me, not because of the gay thing I could honestly care less about what people choose to do with themselves, but because I really feel that crap like that is just one more indicator of the deterioration of society due to people telling others what they are allowed to do, think and say because somehow they have the moral high ground given to them by their sexual orientation!  Why is it ok for a gay person to tell me I’m an ignorant bigot who is insensitive to and un-accepting of other people when THEY THEMSELVES ARE DOING THE SAME TO ME AND MY BELIEFS!  And what’s worse is that the majority of society backs them up and tells them they are in the right.  What is it?  Is it that somehow they are enlightened by being gay and are above the same standards they impose on others?  I just don’t get it and I’m totally frustrated by the blind eye society has turned on this behavior and treatment of non-gays making it acceptable.  Ok, now I’m done…
2)  Not a damn thing that I give a crap about happened over the weekend…and let me just say to all the "news sources" out there WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THE GRAMMYS…does anyone else think that it’s completely worthless?!?  AND if I have to read one more headline about the fashion do’s and don’t from the Grammy’s I might have to scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon.
Ok well now that a good 2-5 minutes has been wasted on my ranting I’m going to post some of the good links from stories I’ve read on my handy feed reader over the last couple of days…enjoy!
That’s a lot of highlights right?  Well that is out of over 200 articles gone through on my reader…it’s exhausting!  Sorry they’re all comic stuff but comics have just been more entertaining than most news lately.  Another REAL blog later…
Seriously too tired to be at work today,

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