Thor Fans Rejoice!

February 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ok, well not so much Thor fans as Thor villian fans!  Marvel has just posted a top 10 Thor villians list and for those of you that are fans of the golden haired God this is a really fun read.
Personally, I am a big fan of Thor so I really liked this!  Here’s a little taste:

First Appearance: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #102 (1964)
Learn More About Her…here
Why She Makes the List: Hela’s cold, emotionless expressions and bored proclamations of doom set her among the most unsettling in Marvel’s pantheon of villains. Actually, labeling Hela merely a "villain" may be unfair, seeing as how she considers herself far beyond good and evil and it’s hard to make a solid case against that stance. There is a sleek elegance and an almost beauty to Hela, but you get the sense that if you stare too long your soul will no longer be your own—and that’s how she snares you. Thor clearly dreads his trips to Hela’s domain, as he doesn’t quite seem to have a handle on her even after centuries, and that’s certainly cause for alarm.
Spotlight Comic: THOR #354—Thor braves death itself, journeying to Hela’s realm for the life of Odin!

First Appearance: DEFENDERS v1 #17 (1974)
Learn More About Them…here
Why They Make the List: In some respects, the Wrecker in his early appearances just seemed like a poor man’s Absorbing Man: another average joe who got handed a mystical implement of destruction—in his case a crowbar—but without those neat powers of transmutation or groovy striped pants. However, when the Wrecker went out and got a group of his buddies together to raze hell, they redefined villain groups in the Marvel Universe. The furthest thing you’ll find from more refined teams like the Masters of Evil or Sinister Six, the Wrecking Crew is more akin to four really obnoxious guys from your local bar that got super powers and banded together for evil. They’re boorish and clumsy, but there’s something about the Wrecking Crew that’s hopelessly endearing—even though it’s still fun to watch Thor kick their butts.
Spotlight Comic: AVENGERS v3 #16—The Wrecking Crew conquers Arkon’s dimension and bait the Avengers into a deadly trap!

First Appearance: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #97 (1963)
Learn More About Him…here
Why He Makes the List: He’s a giant made of fire with the biggest sword ever—how could Surtur not make this list? But awesome visual aside, Surtur is basically the Asgardian boogeyman, the monster gods tell their godlings about before bedtime to freak them out and make them do their chores the next day. This is a creature that causes the most powerful race in the Marvel Universe to shudder. When Surtur shows up, you expect big things to go down, and Ragnarok’s nastiest harbinger never disappoints. Surtur has not only taken Thor beyond his limit, he’s also punched Odin’s clock more than once and put the Allfather down for the big Odinsleep. Surtur terrifies even the most steadfast of Asgardians, and for that we give him props.
Spotlight Comic: THOR #353—Asgard makes its last stand against the might of Surtur!

Really excited to read the new Thor #600 (but haven’t made it to the shop lately),

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