Halo Wedding?!?!? LUCKY!

February 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

As a man you just recently got married I can tell you that the wedding is a BIG DEAL!!!  So, when I saw this story labeled We Had a Halo Wedding I just had to click I see this for myself!!!
This is serious!  I know, I know, I thought it was a joke at first too but Master Chief was the master of ceremony and married the two of them!
Isn’t this gamergeektastic?!?!  They of course met while playing online Halo and chatting while playing…which lead to one thing…which lead to another and BAM!!! A HALO LOVE STORY!!!

I wish there were more pictures that showed some more of the theme but you get the idea!  I think every geek has had at least one dream of being part of wedding based around their favorite video game…right?  Woman dream about getting married…geek dream about video games…it’s just a fact of life!!!

I just want to say to this guy:  You’re living the dream pal…living the dream!  Best wishes to these two machine gun wielding, grenade tossing, sniper perched love birds!

Dreaming of what a Halo themed divorce might be like…,

See More about this Halo Themed Wedding


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