Cartoons are NOT for kids!

February 25, 2009 § 2 Comments

Look, most of the stuff on TV is GARBAGE!!!  What do I care about the newest celebrity that’s beating their girlfriend or what Paris Hilton screws, eats and boycotts this week?!?…seriously people, brain eating zombies wouldn’t find that crap interesting…in fact, I’m of the opinion that when zombies finally do take over the world (and they will) that somehow it will be the E! channels fault and Hollywood will be the first city to burn!  It will be all the mush brained celebrities that begin eating people to try and fill the black hole left by the anorexia and week long coke binges.
Anyways, the only good things good on TV right now are the reruns of good cartoons like Spiderman and X-Men and a few of the new cartoons based on comic books!  So, when I see the news heading, Marvel Super Hero Squad Finds home on Cartoon Network, I was stoked to possibly add another show to the ole’ DVR…but alas, twas not my lucky day…

A new cartoon for KIDS?!?  All I could say was WTF…which translates to Walruses That Fight so I’m still not sure why I thought it but…wouldn’t that be an awesome show?  someone call the discovery channel!….anyways back on track…cartoons are not for kids!!!  hasn’t anybody seen Family Guy!!!  Kids can’t watch that crap…cartoons are supposed to be for adults these days…duhhh

*sigh* here are some details on this new crap…

CN has ordered 26 episodes of Marvel Super Hero Squad, featuring versions of their classic characters that are more young audience friendly. The “look” of Super Hero Squad is based on the Hasbro toy line of the same name. Marvel has published Super Hero Squad comics, both online and print, and at one time, was working on a videogame starring the versions of the characters with THQ.

According to the trade, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man will “team up to fight crime.” Vocal talent for the series will include Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Grey DeLisle and Steve Blum.

The half-hour show targeted for 6-8 year olds is aiming for a late 2009 debut.

Wishing they would bring back Beast Wars because THAT was a cartoon,


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