Rihanna and Chris Brown back together?!?!

March 3, 2009 § 1 Comment

OMG like can you believe that Rihanna and Chris Brown have like totally been seen together again after he totally gave her the baby momma beat down special!?!?!?! (insert head swerve here)
I would just like to say…
WOW can you believe that she took back her rich rapper boyfriend…YES!!! I CAN!!! NOW PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT!
I seriously wonder…haven’t these people ever seen a rap video???  I mean, if I was brought up with MTV as my babysitter, like so many kids are today, I would be 100% sure that I should be treating all women like the b*&%$#s and hoes they are and beat em when they get outa line because that is what REAL OG’s do…right???  Let’s ask Snoop Dogg what he thinks…
Snoop, what do you think about the way Chris Brown treated Rihanna???  Is that how you would treat a lady?
"Dumb bitches still callin’, foes still fallin’
Still bustin’ a hoe, still gettin’ bucks out a hoe
Bitch get outta line I put my Chuck’s on her throat"
Ok, so as long as he had on some "Chuck’s" on, the classic Chuck Taylors by Converse, he’s in the clear!!!  Good to know…Thanks Snoop!
*sigh*…look people, around 50% of all women in a physically abusive relationship will go back to or continue to be with the man that beats them!!!  Why in the hell wouldn’t that apply to rappers???  AND I’m sooo sick of everybody saying that she is being a bad role model for kids by taking him back ARE YOU KIDDING ME the two of them weren’t role models in the first place…this ISN’T THE DAMN JONAS BROTHERS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE!!!
For more garbage about this crap check with the douche bags over at TMZ, I hear they’ll have up to the millisecond updates on the happy couples relationship status and bowel movements…STAY TUNED.
Trying hard not to end my life due to the fact that while I’m complaining about others reporting about this…I too had to join in,

§ One Response to Rihanna and Chris Brown back together?!?!

  • Rachel says:

    I have to say the stereotype fits here. Rhianna used to be so pretty and I liked some of her songs, but now Im super annoyed because of all the hype. I mean come on…Chris Brown is a little guy with toned little muscles. Its a given he\’s gonna have little man syndrome…hence, Rhianna has a black eye…well, blacker eye. hee hee She should\’ve known it was coming!

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