Promoting Individualism!!! Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind – Book 8 of The Sword of Truth series

March 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, at this point I am eight books into this series “The Sword of Truth” and truthfully . . . the storyline is good and there are some strong characters but so far two of the eight books I’ve read have been so slow that I’ve almost given up on finishing the series.  I didn’t quit though, because I’m stubborn and I just make myself give up on something I’ve already put so much time into!  So, for now the plan is to finish the series no matter how bad the next four books might be. 

Anyways, I’m about half way through book eight and I just finished reading a part of the book that was a nice (and much needed) reminder of why I’ve enjoyed most of the books thus far, which is one of the underlying themes behind the storyline…Individualism.

I am a big believer in the basic principles of what individualism is and how, as a society, we all benefit in an economy that supports blossoming individuals, allowing them to reach their full potential in their professions and as human beings.

Especially now, with a socialist holding the highest seat of power in the world who fundamentally opposes individualism, President Barack Obama, I believe that Americans especially need to be reminded of some of the most basic ideals and beliefs that formed our great country; individualism being one of them.

As it sometimes seems to me, I think a lot of people have forgotten about the Revolutionary War and WHY so many patriots fought and died for the rights and liberties that we take advantage of today.  I wont go into the details, there are many books out there that can relate the history of the Revolutionary War much better than I can but we fought for the right to be recognized as INDIVIDUALS!  Not only individual as a country, instead of a colony generating X amount of taxes, but as each individual American citizen with the ability and RIGHTS to make anything of themselves held back only by their own imagination and motivation!!!  I get all worked up just writing about it I get this feeling rising up in me that can only be explained as honor and pride to be born in and be a citizen of a country that fought for the noble cause of allowing it’s people to LIVE!

Socialists want the opposite of this, they believe that people should be supported and provided for by the government which leads into a society that eventually becomes completely dependant on that government for every aspect of their life!!!  This is part of my frustration with the overwhelming support for a President that is fundamentally working towards the regression of American society back to dependence upon it’s government!

So, the plan is that systematically every single American will read my blog over the next 24 hours and they will finally have their eyes opened and we can start making progress instead covering over our own accomplishments with the notion that socialism will better serve or “advanced ideals"…*sigh*

The lines from the book that sparked this whole thing:

“[they] would like you to believe that your virtue, your ultimate value, or even your wickedness, arises entirely from being born a member of a given group, that free will itself is either impotent or nonexistent.  They want you to believe that all people are merely interchangeable members of groups that share fixed, preordained characteristics, and they are predestined to live through a collective identity, the group will, unable to rise on individual merit because there can be no such thing as independent, individual merit, only group merit….
When you direct your anger at me for having a trait borne by someone else, you pronounce me guilty for their crimes. … If you admire someone simply because you believe their group is deserving, then you embrace the same corrupt ethics…
[They] say that no individual should have the right to achieve something on his own, to accomplish what someone else cannot, and so magic (talent/hardwork) must be stripped from mankind.  They say that accomplishment is corrupt because it is rooted in the evil of self-interest, therefore the fruits of that accomplishment are tainted by its evil.  This is why they preach that any gain must be sacrificed to those who have not earned it.
We believe, on the other hand, that your own individual life is the value and its own end, and what you achieve is yours.  Only you can achieve self-worth for yourself.  Any group offering it to you, or demanding it of you, comes bearing chains of slavery.  If you want to be proud of yourself because of what you accomplish, then don’t allow yourself to be chained to some group, and don’t in turn chain other individuals to one.  Let your judgment of individuals be earned.”
(Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind – from Chapter 35)

Moral of the story is…individualism is a virtue worth fighting for and NOBODY should allow others to lead their lives or make their decisions for them and keep them from realizing their own potential in life.

Living free and working hard to make sure I die that way,


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