Obama passed the Stimulus Bill YAY…oh wait…

March 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Would you like to know what my favorite part of the new stimulus bill is???  The billions of dollars to bail out a bunch of idiots that can’t manage their own spending…nope…(it’s a close second though)
Guess what kids!?!?
No More 5 Year Limit on Welfare!!!  YAY!!!
Finally I can quit my job, where I’ve worked my ass off rising all the way the top to maximize my potential and improve my personal living situation, and join the mindless droves of zombie people in the welfare line and join in the celebration of mediocrity; where not only is it okay to be a deadbeat druggy loser with eight kids but it’s rewarded!!!!
Oops…just threw up a bit in my mouth
OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!!  I know we all want to dance and hug and smoke peyote until everything is all right but the term for this is REGRESSION.  By abolishing the welfare reform put in place during President Clintons terms, which put a five year limit on how long people could be welfare, and now allowing people to be supported by the taxpayers (and I didn’t mistype there…not the Government…the TAXPAYERS) for the term of their lifetime we are regressing, as a society, back to what we fought and died to be to free of…government control!
But Steve how is being on welfare government control???  One word…DEPENDENCY.  Welfare is not designed to support people for the rest of their lives!!!  It is supposed to be in place so that those that have fallen on hard times don’t need to live in a gutter before they can turn those hard times around and begin to support themselves and contribute to society once again.  Now instead of forcing the unmotivated to once again begin supporting themselves, they will be allowed to live off of the all knowing provider known as the Lor…ehm…the government!  Even with the five year limit we have people and generations of families manipulating the system live their lives on welfare and then complaining that it’s sooo hard to get off the system WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ELIMINATING THE LIMIT MAKE THINGS BETTER!!!!
ok…I’m done…for now
Working to have portions of the human race reclassified as parasites,

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  • Melissa says:

    You always say exactly what I want to, and can never get it right! You\’re the best! Are your amazing tantrums anywhere else online or do you stick w/ Windows Live only???

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