Penny Arcade Cartoon – Progress

March 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

Of course the good people over at Penny Arcade are always striving to entertain and they don’t disappoint…here is my favorite from the pile building in my feeds:

Ohhh love the implications here on so many levels…check out more on

Getting on the waiting list for the new apple Ibook a.s.a.p.,


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  • Joe says:

    Ooooh. Direct competition with "Kindle 2", but then Kindle only has about 5 to 10% of my library (although I admit my shelves are gettig full, despite the fact they are designed built into an entire wall. And I have to bring up the whole notion of autographed publications: Andy Grove\’s first book, "Physics and Technology of Semicondutor Devices". Or Henry Kissinger\’s "Diplomacy". How about Colin Powell\’s "My American Journey"? The list goes on.

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