Sexting … *sigh*

March 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

Has anyone heard about this crap people are calling ‘sexting‘???  What is the world coming to?
Ok look, I admit maybe I’m a little out of touch.  I’m a married conservative man with an unchanging routine 4 out of 7 days a week but I pride myself on having an open mind and not making a judgment until I have some solid background information…but can someone please tell me what the friggin point of this is?!?
For anyone that reads this blog you’ll know that I’ve complained openly before about the lack contact/sincerity/truth that modern communications allows us to convey to each other (see 267-SLY-DIAL also known as 267- IMA -PANSY).  No wonder marriages and relationships are failing horribly!  When we turn intimacy into some perverted contortion of lust what the hell do people expect???  Honey why are you upset…I thought that the 15 text images I sent you during your lunch of my naughty parts made up for the fact that we can’t stand each others company!!!  COME ON!
Also, I find it to be a little unsettling that this is a new fad, not for adults, but for TEENAGERS!  What do teenagers know about sex?  We wonder why so many kids are so psychologically screwed up these days, having a twisted perception of basic human interaction, and now thanks to our detached trends in communication we can happily add one more reason to the pile of why little Johnny and Suzie need the help of a therapist to be a functioning part of society.
Do you know whose fault this is???…(parents)…well I don’t know…(the parents) but it sure as hell isn’t mine! (IT’S THE PARENTS)
Making a mental note to restrict text messaging for my future children,
Just in case you read this and thought…oh Steve you’re over reacting cell phones aren’t becoming the newest demented form of relaying sex as just some game to be played back and forth between the phones of children, even further twisting their perception of sex…
I present to you one of the newest IPhone Apps:  ISperm
Please click to enlarge and read the description of what this game is all about.  Also, just for fun I’d like to direct your attention to the warning label on this product making sure that this gem stays out of the hands of children not mature enough to handle the content:  12+
Other products safe for 12+:
Bouncy Balls
Sleeping Beauty
Making the world safe for indecency,

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