Kool Komics – The Helm

April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

So, like any geek I am naturally attracted to facets of entertainment that focus on us geeks and reflect our most loved and socially rejected past times as….well…cool. 

When I come across these gems I try to share them and I happened to do just that…introducing THE HELM!!!!

Written by Jim Hardison and penciled by Bart Sears this book is about a fat slob of a socially defunct mess of a geek named Mathew Blurdy.  After losing his job at the video shop due to his girlfriend dumping him in a terribly humiliating way, he stops at a garage sale on the way home on his moped.  There he finds a helmet that speaks to him and tells him that he is the Valhalladrim!!!…protector of Earth against the forces of evil…too bad he is a total loser!!!

This story is full of laughs and very entertaining.  It’s four issues of good fun and a beacon of hope for all geeks everywhere that no matter how long you live in your mother’s basement or how many sword replicas you have hanging on your walls that you can still be a super hero!!!…with a shit load of magic and in many cases…a bit of soap!

Some eye candy from the book:


Still searching for that special something that will bestow upon me the powers I DESERVE!!!,


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