Oldies but Goodies! – Spectacular Spider-Man #2

May 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ok, here’s the thing…I am a huge Spider-Man fan!  Always was, always will be…I just can’t shake it!  Every time that wall crawling spider-guy makes a terrible cheesy joke I can’t help but bust a gut…I’m 24 this is getting ridiculous!!! 

So, I’ve given up trying like new cool hip modern heroes and just embraced my inner twelve year old and am currently starting over reading the very beginning of Spidey’s life on the colored page with Amazing Fantasy #15 chronologically through to present day.

I know what you’re thinking…wow you have all of those comics???…sadly the answer is…no.  BUT I have come across a rather extensive digital collection of the web spinners antics and have already dived in for the fun.

I’ll be posting my favorite tid-bits and throw in the occasional review but for now I thought I’d share a few classic advertisements I came across while cheating and skipping ahead to Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #2.  You just don’t see quality ads like these anymore you know?  Click to enlarge and enjoy:

Until Aunt May finally dies as the oldest broad on Earth,


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