Uncanny X-Men / Dark Avengers

June 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

I always get sucked into these dang comic events!!!  Sometimes I feel like Marvel and DC might as well just stick a vacuum into my wallet and turn that baby on full blast!

For instance World War Hulk…I bought every damn off shoot that was created for that event cause I’m a sucker.  There was like ten different titles!  And guess what off the top of my head I can only think of three that were worth a crap (The Main book, Punisher and X-Men).

Anyways once again Marvel is trying rob me by starting another event full of characters I love to read about…the X-Men and my favorite villain Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin…

So, do you think I’ve learned my lesson about the events and how they are sucking the life out of me. . . NO!  (although I did tone it down for Secret Invasion which was good cause it sucked)

But NO…guess what….I’m going to buy every damn book on this list cause I HAVE to…what kind of loyal comic reader would I be if I didn’t???. . .right?. . . RIGHT?!?

Siphoning cash for the bank so the wife doesn’t realize how much I really spend on comics,


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