Traveling to Alaska

June 14, 2009 § Leave a comment


What do you think of when you think of Alaska?  Cold, Bears, Cold, Moose, Cold, Glaciers, Cold, Fishing, Cold, Perpetual Sun, and Cold???

Me too…except after weeks of getting ready and doing Alaska home work and finally getting here it’s all of those things I just listed, minus five colds, and add AWESOMENESS!!!!

But…I’m getting ahead of myself.  First things first…traveling.  Look I hate traveling.  I hate doing it for business and, unless it’s on a cruise ship, I hate doing it even to go on vacation.  While it was a little easier than my average eight hours of traveling (five in the air and three in laid over in Seattle)…it was still a pain in the arse.

Things started off pretty well with some classic hold the camera as far away as possible and take pictures. . .pictures?:

And of course escalated into general boredom and then stepped up to the criticism of those who had the unfortunate luck of being in our immediate vicinity:

Plane Directing Gal

“Thank gawd I was able to get a job where I could openly practice for my next career without anyone being the wiser; modeling…and just in case that doesn’t work out, duel sword wielding ninja master!”

Fellow Traveler a.k.a. Lex Luthor

“If I could just get off of this damn plane I could continue with my plan to defeat Superman and take over the world!!! . . . where’s that damn carry on???  If that fat broad next to me ate it I swear I’m gonna…”

Just a taste of fun from our traveling adventure…the light-hearted side…there is more but it’s late and sleep (or wife) is sure to hit me over the head slamming me into a dream world (or a comma).  So, more to come later kiddies but for now a parting picture of that lovely place where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan first stole our hearts…

I think…

Super excited to do the cliché touristy stuff in Anchorage tomorrow,


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