Alaska Day Dos!

June 15, 2009 § 1 Comment

Of course when you’re traveling there is hardly enough time for a nutritional breakfast…so you get the worst possible thing for you…which also happens to be the most delicious:

And if you’ll notice Michelle also scored a brand spanking new army green on top pink under bill Alaska hat for her future fishing excursions.

Our big trip for the day was to go to Whittier and take a day long glacier cruise!  It just so happens that Whittier is only accessible, whether by train or car, through an ICE TUNNEL (enter ice trucker music here).  Yep a 2.8 mile tunnel dug out by the military around WWII in order to use Whittier as a naval dock. 

And of course we were so happy to have made it out of the dreaded Ice Tunnel alive…there was hugging and happy dancing…


So, we got to Whittier…which is full of boats and oddly enough…hippies

But luckily the local reindeer was friendly…good thing too because otherwise someone would have had their hand bitten off…we won’t say who. . .


Even though Jolie the boy reindeer was the highlight of this hippie filled town with mediocre hot chocolate…we made our own fun:

And there is no doubt that Alaska is a beautiful place:

As you can see I was finally able to live out that dream of being a pirate on the open seas…but back in the real world the glaciers were splendiferous…

Of course when traveling in a place where nature is left alone to thrive untouched…you always hope to run into some of the local wildlife:

Also, thanks to one of our professional photographers along on the trip with us we have this next rendition of a drive by animal sighting…now remember we were going about 10mph…can you guess what kind of animal this is?

No???…me neither BUT it is a mountain goat…and I’m so happy that I have this picture so that I can remember this beautiful animal and this treasured moment. . . . .

Until next time when hopefully I’ll have a pictures of a bears nose,


§ One Response to Alaska Day Dos!

  • Michelle says:

    We were going far faster than 10 mph. He lies. Plus, the stupid goat was a distance away, so I had to zoom the camera. It didn\’t bode too well, but at least it made the blog…

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