Transformers: Racists in Disguise???

June 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Oh Holy God!?!  I just hate seeing this crap.  I go over to and scan the home page only to see the headline: New ‘Transformers’ Racist?  Followed promptly by my reading the article and cursing the entire time under my breath…here are the highlights:

First the bull$!#&…

The guaranteed blockbuster is barely 24 hours out of the gate and already much ado has arisen over twin autobots Skids and Mudflap from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, whose over-the-top, hip-hop-inspired vernacular and stereotypically black-sounding voices are, at best, racially and culturally insensitive and, at worst, grossly ignorant and offensive.

When they’re not going incognito as Chevy concept vehicles, they sport gold teeth, can’t read and cite their place of origin as "da hood."  How original.

And now the recovery…

But most (if not all) critics ultimately swept the inane characterizations—which we should really file under "action-script laziness" more than anything else

And, as CinemaBlend’s Josh Tyler reminds us, Skids and Mudflap are more than "a collection of every bad stereotype imaginable, not targeted at any one ethnicity."

Oh and here are the two racist robots in question:

Does anyone else think that this is just ridiculous?!?  I mean give me a break!  Fricking racist robots?!?

Look people, part of the story line in this film is that the transformers have been on earth for a LONG time and because of that there are robots who have inconspicuously been part of human society…therefore they have developed personalities based on their surroundings.

Come on people, let a little bit of reality mix with your entertainment!  If I lived in “da hood” for a while I might saying things like “….” umm and “. . . .” well you know whatever it is they say in “da hood”.

Lets break this down honestly.  African American people, and African American youth in particular, act, dress and talk in a unique way which is different from the way the English, Japanese, Scottish, German, Native American, Canadian or Latinos (the list goes on and on) do.  The thing of it is that whether we like it or not all of these differences between peoples, the way we do things, how we dress, what we eat, etc; they have all become part of our culture and since when has portraying ones culture become such a negative thing?

As a bit of a personal observation and quandary, I’ve always wondered too, why is it that if the African American community looks down so harshly upon these attributes or “stereotypes” then why is it that even the newest generation culturally continues to depict those same characteristics?  (and no, vicious cycle is not an answer)

Here’s the thing, if Michael Bay could have put two black people in robot suits to do the part…he probably would have; because that would have just been two dark skinned fellows acting as is if they were a part of the African American youths culture…and where’s the harm in that? (minus, of course, the part about the reading, which I’m not sure is true yet but, if it is, it was probably only meant to show these were stupid robots, not actually reflecting upon the culture the robots were mimicking).

Bottom line here is pull the stick out of your @$$ before going to see this flick and just enjoy Meagan Fox in short shorts and the many terrific explosions…is that really too much to ask?

Going to follow my advice to the T on Sunday,


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