Kool Komics: The Incredible Hercules #130

June 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Like many I began reading The Incredible Hercules when magically The Incredible Hulk turned into The Incredible Hercules…everyone still with me?…good!

At first, I was ok with the switch because it still had quite a bit to do with Hulk during World War Hulk.  Even after WWH was over the story line was still really fresh and new.  Herc hadn’t had a leading role in a book for God knows how long (get the pun?) and with his pint sized side kick Amadeus Cho, the seventh smartest person on Earth, the book was border line…good!

But it got boring for me after a bit.  I really like a book with stories that effect not only the characters in the book but also has a play in the ultimate scheme of things in the Marvel U…and these arc’s definitely weren’t giving me that.

So, I did what any comic reader on a budget would do…I dropped it from THE PULL!  After this point things get a little sketchy and even I’m not too clear on the details…but somehow last week The Incredible Hercules made it into my pile…so, naturally I read it!  And much to my surprise…it was GOOD!

You’re probably asking yourself where I’m going with this and the answer is…to tell you that even if you, like me, dropped this book this particular book was VERY entertaining and worth a read!

Herc and Cho are in the land of the dead, where Herc’s uncle Pluto reigns supreme and they are trying to free Zeus, who had been slain by the diabolical demon Mikaboshi, but of course they hit some bumps along the way.  What I liked most about this book was the dialog between Hercules, Zeus and jury of those Zeus had “done wrong”.  There is some seriously good stuff in there…my favorite part being these two pages:


Hilarious RIGHT?!?  These have got to be some of my favorite pages of dialog in a book for a while…just such an awesome declaration of human weakness and the tendency to shrug the responsibility of LIFE onto anyone but themselves!!!  And to top it all off WHAT A PERSPECTIVE to hear it from!

Just good stuff…pick this up…you’ll want to read #131 by the time you’re done.

Hoping I enjoy the other 100 books in my stack this week as much,


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