Taliban Threatens to kill US Soldier … So we hand out fliers to express our distress

July 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Look, if this kind of $&*# doesn’t make you pissed off and abandon your ‘stop hurting the nice Taliban’ tendencies I don’t know what will.  Here are a few excerpts of the report that I just can’t wrap my head around:

Taliban threatens to kill captured U.S. soldier <–(click here to read entire article)

The Taliban claimed last week to be holding the American soldier, whom the U.S. military earlier described as possibly being in enemy hands. 

Abdullah Jalali, a spokesman for Taliban commander Mawlavi Sangin, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday that the soldier was healthy.

He said the soldier would be killed unless the U.S. stops airstrikes in Ghazni province’s Giro district and Paktika province’s Khoshamand district. Jalali did not explain why the Taliban chose those areas, noting only that Giro has been heavily bombed.

Spokeswoman Capt. Elizabeth Mathias declined to comment on the demands but did say recent operations in Giro district this month did not involve bombings.

Military drops fliers on soldier
Senior U.S. military officials dismissed reports of the threat to kill the soldier. The officials also told NBC News that no air combat operations were under way in either district. They also said it’s not clear exactly which Taliban network may have the soldier in custody, although it’s believed he is still somewhere inside that eastern region of Afghanistan.

The U.S. military is distributing fliers calling for the soldier’s release. The fliers are being airdropped or distributed by hand along the border with Pakistan.  Each flier has images on front and back. One reads: "One of our American guests is missing. Return the guest to his home. Call us at 070 769 4351."

One with an image of a soldier kicking in the door reads: "If you do not release the U.S. soldier, you will be hunted."

Jalali said the final decision about the soldier’s fate will be made by Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

The U.S. military has said the soldier was noticed missing during a routine check of the unit on June 30 and was “believed captured.”


Have we seriously come to the point that when the Taliban, a group of terrorists that openly attacked us on our soil and killed 2,974 of our countrymen, decides to capture an American soldier and threaten to kill him during phone interviews and website postings all we do is DROP F&*#$%* FLIERS COME ON!

This is what pisses me off so much.  There has been such a large uprising of the American people against our military presence in the Middle East that we can’t even openly respond to having one of our own captured and threatened with death!  God forbid when someone threatens to kill Americans we respond in kind with the proper consequences or that they’ll be brought to justice by way of the law … NOOOO WE DROP FLIERS!

Do you know what happens when an American kidnaps and threatens to kill another American?  Life imprisonment and in some cases the death penalty!

Do you know what happens when the Taliban kidnaps and threatens to kill American soldiers?  WE DROP %&$#*@% FLIERS!!!  DAMN IT!

Being forced to drinking away my sorrows,


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