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September 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Here’s the hook:

More Americans over age 50 are smoking marijuana than ever before. Are my parents among them?

And of course a funny picture to make you chuckle:

Then a bit of story some might relate to:

At the time, Mom’s question caught me by surprise: "Have you ever tried marijuana?" she asked, sloshing her coffee around in a mug as we stood together in the kitchen. My mind went blank. Could this be the fabled "drug talk" that parents are supposed to give to their teenage children? If so, why was I getting it at 30?

It turned out my mother was less interested in my drug use than her own. When I told her I’d smoked pot in college, and a bunch of times since, she took the news in stride. The thing was, she and my father were hoping to score some weed. Did I know anybody?

All in all this is a fun read because it takes a look at how the older generation is changing.  It used to be that Mom/Dad and Grand Ma/Pa were the classist most upstanding people you knew because it was them that taught right from wrong and good from bad but wait…they smoke pot???  A previously inconceivable situation has turned into a conversation you might want to prepare yourself for!  It’s always fun to look at a change of the masses especially when that change concerns what used to be branded as bad, irresponsible or stupid and the always feared ‘illegal’.  Now the conceived thought about marijuana has changed from a terrible drug and drugs are bad to:  marijuana???  eh…whatever.  And not just the young’ens think this way but the mature elders!  Interesting and Entertaining stuff!

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Trying to imagine my parents…nawwww,


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