Futuristic Movie Tech Conquering India?

September 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Look, we’ve all seen the movies where someone walks into a room and is immediately identified by their retinal scan or barcode on the neck or some kind of device hidden under their skin.  Which in turn allows the government, or whomever is tracking the person, to know exactly who, where, why and how about said subject.  But that’s just in the movies right?  I mean human GPS with info tracking is just wrong right?  Well not in India…

The Indian government is gearing up to undertake one of the world’s biggest IT projects and distribute biometric ID cards to all of its 1.2 billion-person population. According to the government, the cards will contain retinal scans or fingerprints, credit and criminal backgrounds, and information about individuals’ addresses and physical specifications. Needless to say, civil liberties groups are less than enthused about the plan. Privacy issues are a major source of concern, as is the government’s ability to effectively police a project of this scale. "We could have a hacking Olympics," one analyst commented. The program is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Nandan Nilekan, who was recently appointed head of India’s new department of Unique Identification Authority. According to Nilekan, the system will be especially beneficial to the poor, who have been famously victimized by the country’s massive and inefficient bureaucracy. With the cards, Nilekan claims, "maids and labourers … a hundred or two hundred million people—will be able to access welfare benefits for the first time without any questioning who they are." – Slate.com Read the Original story in Guardian

So, of course under the guise of the protection and the welfare of it’s citizens one more government moves to have complete control over it’s people…well done human race…well done. . .

Not sure if I’m overreacting,


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